Where to Find the Best Traveling Tips

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Even the most seasoned travelers seek advice before starting out for their next destination. This holds especially true with unique and under-developed travel spots. But with whole sections of bookstores dedicated to the fine art of traveling, where do you begin to find the practical information you need to make your trip a successful one? Instead of forking over a wad of cash for a number of semi-useful book guides, consider the Internet as a great resource to find the information and advice you need. Here are a few of the best Internet resources I found that provide useful travel tips for free.

1. Wicked Good Travel Tips. Seasoned travelers offer words of advice and lead an online community of travelers. The guide is most useful as a forum in which travelers can share tips and experiences to help make someone else’s trip a success. A special trip-planning guide helps future travelers plan a vacation that is catered to their interests and needs.

2. Let’s Travel Radio. This is an Internet travel radio show with an insider’s twist. It provides information on how to find the best travel bargains, what to pack, how to feel at home abroad, how to stay healthy when you travel, and how to be street smart in a foreign country. The site also gives a list of practical traveling tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. From preparing for emergencies to avoiding extra costs, this site gives you the low-down on how to make any trip a traveler’s dream.

3. Lonely Planet. Have you always wanted to visit Sardinia but don’t know where to begin? This site offers tips and destination advice for even the most unique and out of the way places. With links to hotels and hostels, travel services, an extensive traveler’s forum, and destination guides, the Lonely Planet Web site gives ample inspiration and know-how for you to get out there and see the world.

Lonely Planet Ranks Uganda Number One Travel Destination For Year 2012

Renowned and respected world travel guide Lonely Planet has ranked Uganda the best travel destination for the year 2012. Uganda was ranked ahead of the likes of Myanmar, Ukraine, Jordan, and Denmark.

Lonely Planet collected lots of ideas from travellers, bloggers and tweeters from which they generated a list of countries. Countries chosen are said offer a range of experiences to travellers albeit a few shortcomings like the less than satisfactory infrastructure and seeming tense political atmosphere after the just concluded presidential elections for the Uganda’s sake.

From the collected ideas, the top ten ranked countries were then voted for by a panel of travel experts at Lonely Planet and Uganda happens to be at the pinnacle of this list. The ranking was based on factors such as topicality, excitement, value and the special x-factor for a particular country.

Measuring almost the same size as Great Britain, Uganda passes for the most beautiful and diverse nation on the African continent. The country boast of a range of unique attractions and with the rapidly expanding tourism infrastructure and the much improved political stability, Uganda is turning out to be a haven for travelers.

Uganda is the entire Africa in one small package. What you find in the different parts of the African continent you find it all here in Uganda. At a glance you find the smallest of sunbirds iridescent in the dawn light, the enormous clumsy yet silent elephant disappearing like a vapor behind the trees, the naughty chimps crashing about the forest canopy, the Mountain Gorilla chewing thoughtfully in the bamboo thicket.

This lush tropical country is the source of the longest river in the world, the Nile. The mighty Nile twists its way North like a flickering ribbon, through arid semi-desert with scattered rocky kopjes. It is in Uganda where the savanna meets the huge Lakes of East Africa, and where snow capped mountains bear down on expansive jungles.

Snow capped peaks, tropical, sandy, fresh water beaches, and beautiful jovial faces all over the place. All that and more is here; Uganda is a feast for all the senses.

Declared by legendary British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa, it is little wonder Uganda is now the number one travel destination in the world.

The other ranked countries among the top ten travel destination for the year 2012 include:

2. Myanmar,
3. Ukraine,
4. Jordan,
5. Denmark,
6. Bhutan,
7. Cuba,
8. New Caledonia,
9. Taiwan and
10. Switzerland.

Taking In Australia On Your Round The World Travels

It’s a fact: the most travelled to country on round-the-world trips from the UK is Australia. And why not? If you’re taking off and wanting to travel to the farthest reaches, why not make one of your stops on the other side of the world – literally?

So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a few things that might be worth knowing about this fair country if you happen to be stopping by.


If you’re leaving the UK in the winter and travelling straight to Australia, you’ll arrive during their summertime. Australia’s climate is the exact opposite of ours in the northern hemisphere. The hottest and most humid weather is between December and February, so you need to bear this in mind. Southern Australia has a particularly harsh climate during the summer season. It’s a temperate region too, so take a jacket for the cooler evenings.


Hostels are particularly good in Australia, so check them out before you decide on more expensive options. It’s not unheard of for an Australian hostel to have a swimming pool, to give you an idea of the standard we’re talking about. Hostels usually send you out with a breakfast in your stomach too, so that’s a great way to start the day.

If you’re looking to rent somewhere for a longer period of time, you should think about getting references before you leave the UK.


It might seem we’re stating the obvious, but Australia is a big country. So, when it comes to getting between cities you need to make a rough plan. There are trains, backpacker buses, or you could even hire a car or campervan. You might also want to think seriously about internal flights – you can get some good deals if you shop around.


Money for travel is probably the major expense, so you’ll want to budget particularly carefully here. Food is fairly cheap – especially in comparison with Europe. It’s not usually expected that you tip either.

If you’re staying in the country for longer, you could always think about setting up a bank account. The four nationwide banks are ANZ, Commonwealth, National and Westpac, and each welcomes temporary residents – although they will require ID such as your passport.

Making phonecalls

The main phone operators in Australia are Telstra and Optus. Local calls and calls to mobiles are quite expensive, but you can get great deals on international calling which is great news for keeping in contact with the UK.

When it comes to your mobile, you can buy a pre-pay pack if your handset isn’t pay-as-you-go or chipped. This is a cheap way of running your phone, giving you an Australian number with credit dollars assigned to it – it is usually valid for up to a year. The companies you might want to check out are Telstra Mobile Net, Optus, Vodafore, Dingo Blue, Orange and Virgin Mobile.

Using the email and the internet

You’re never too far from an internet cafĂ©, so this is another great way of keeping in contact with people back home. The cheapest places to use the internet are usually in the big cities – mainly because of the competition.

Use the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards to Have More Fun Traveling

If you are an avid traveler, you probably already have a frequent flier account with your favorite airline, but do you have a travel rewards credit card? While earning miles is always a good thing, being able to earn miles and more is even better. That is what a travel rewards card can do for you.

When you are looking for the best travel rewards credit cards out there, start by looking for the features that are most important to you on this list.

Airline Miles

If you already have quite an accumulation of frequent flier miles, but would like to see that number grow more quickly, you may want to consider getting a travel rewards credit card that feeds miles into your frequent flier program. There are cards available for every airline. Yet, some of the best airline miles credit cards are the ones that allow you to use miles on any airline you wish. That way you go where you want, when you want, even if your favorite airline doesn’t offer that destination.

Rental Vehicles

If you drive a lot once you get to your destination you may be more interested in a travel rewards credit card that offers money back on your car rentals. Many travel rewards credit cards have programs to allow you major discounts on rental cars, some of the best travel rewards credit cards will even let you use your points for free rentals.

Hotel Stays

No matter were you are traveling, you need a place to sleep at the end of the day. If your frequent flier account gives you enough to get to your destination, let your travel rewards credit card pay for the place to sleep. Many of these cards will allow you to cash in points for hotel stays all over the world.


Another perk of many travel rewards credit cards is that they will allow you to cash in points for gift certificates to restaurants and other retailers. These gift certificates could mean more free meals on the town and less out of pocket expense.

How to Make the Most of Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Once you have started using a travel rewards credit card, make sure to make it work for you. You should make a habit of charging every travel related expense on the card. Often you will get bonus points for charges for airfare, hotel stays or other travel related expenses.

Additionally, if you were thinking of making a substantial purchase by writing a check or paying cash, you may want to change that plan. Instead, charge the item on the travel card, get the points, and pay it off in the same month. It’s like a same as cash plan, with the bonus of getting the points towards your future trips.